Yes, We do that.

Think of us as Audio Consultants. We specialize in the sale, design and configuration of high-end audio systems. So when you’re ready to make a major investment in audio for your home, we can recommend what to buy and how to set it up for maximum effect. If you wish, we’ll even come to your home and help with the setup. We carry high-end audio furniture and fixtures and can also fabricate almost anything you need. And if you’re planning any new-build construction, we can work with your builder to incorporate your system into the design.

Your money goes into your sound system, not cutesy mini-blind automation or light shows. We don’t sell installation service over equipment.
— Jeff and Eddie

Home theater than can be seen and heard - no computer networks or automation.

No, we don’t do that.

We don’t do hidden or in-wall home-theater installations, computer networks, home automation, integration or smart-home control. Why not? Because vendors who do that tend to sell labor over components. As a platinum reference dealer we carry product levels the “integrators” can’t. So we promise that what you pay will go into the audio, not the installation.

We’re the opposite of the big box stores and the White Van Guys.